Limited Warranty


This Limited Warranty is offered to you, the Customer'(s) listed in the contract, and it cannot be transferred to any other person. Only you, and any person who is entitled under applicable state law, may enforce the obligations of this Limited Warranty. Also, this Limited Warranty only covers your vehicle if it is purchased and used for personal, family, and household purposes. If you are purchasing and/or using this vehicle for business or commerical purposes including , but not limited to: towing, rental, taxi, limousine, or delivery services; for use as a police, ambulance, EMT, tow, or plow vehicle or for construction; or on or off road competition, engaging in a contest of speed or endurance of any type, it is not eligible for this Limited Warranty.


This is a Limited Warranty that covers your vehicle for a period of 3 months from the Vehicle Delivery Date or 3,000 miles added to odometer, whichever occurs first.


In the event of a mechanical breakdown of a covered part listed below, the Dealer will pay for the cost of the parts and labor necessary to repay or replace the covered parts, less a deductable of $100. This means that you are resonsible to pay for the first $100. If costs for parts from normal wear and tear and use of the vehicle and not otherwise excluded by other provisions of this agreement.

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