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New Inventory Weekly

Don’t see the car you like? We get weekly loads every week in order to please all of our current and future customers! Don’t miss out on what we have, and check in daily to see what we bring in.

What to bring?

  1. Valid Driver’s License– State law does not sell cars to unlicensed individuals
  2. Social Security Card– Due to credit and security issues, we must have a copy of your soical at time of purchase. 
  3. Check Stubs– Must have 2 current check stubs.
  4. Lease & Utility Bill- Current lease and you must have 2 current utility bills (Shut-off or disconnection notice will NOT be accepted) 
  5. Reference (6+)– We ask that you provide no fewer than 6 references with valid phone numbers and addresses.
  6. Insurance- Your vehicle MUST be convered before leaving the premises with the following deductibles
    • $500 Collision
    • $500 Fire, Theft, Comprehensive
    • Binder- List all information for insurance
    • Instant Autos Credit Corp. as lienholder
  7. Auto Application- We require all customers to fill out an auto application as well as the Debt- to- Income table on the back
  8. Must have $1440 a month or more in taxable income. Nontaxable income will have to have a qualified cosigner with taxable income.
  9. Must be employed for at least 6 months to purchase without a cosigner
  10. Anyone under 25 will require a cosigner
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